One of the sweetest gifts of starting this photography business has been making friends with the fine folks of Blest Studios. Cole, Ashley, and Brett are truly a blessing to me as well as every client they work with, and so their company is so very appropriately named. They have been so kind to share their knowledge about everything from camera gear, to loading and editing photos, to albums and everything in between. In a competitive market, where there seems to be a photographer around every corner, they have taken the attitude of comradery over competition. Last year I was able to tag along and shoot this gorgeous winter wedding with them. Some of these photos (like the very first one) will forever be my all time favorites! I just love how Cole and Brett composed each shot and love them for allowing me to literally hover over their shoulders and take these photos. I hope you enjoy them as well. The detail person in me has to also throw in that I love the pinecones in the bouquets too!