Spring in North Carolina was beautiful and this senior season was no exception! Each session was unique and special in many ways.


First on the docket was Emily. She is the big sister of our friend Sarah. Sarah is a Young Life leader AND interns for Brad! She tagged along for her sister’s senior photos, and boy those too are so wonderfully different! We had a blast walking all over campus finding spots that were extra special to Emily and her time at UNC. We headed to the chemistry building where she spent much of her time studying and busted out her fins which not only is essential to a favorite hobby of hers (we had to reschedule her first shoot due to a black eye she received while playing underwater polo… that’s right… how cool is she?), but also represents what she will be doing next year. Have a blast and good luck teaching in Cali Emily!




Next was my friend Joelle. I’ve known Joelle since she was a freshman at Riverside. She began attending our Campaigner Bible Study BEFORE school with a friend and pretty much every other Young Life event after that (including summer camp in Georgia back when I was pregnant with MK). She is absolutely beautiful. Just look at those eyes! Good luck at Auburn next year Jo!




The Nook. That’s what these ladies have affectionately named the house they live in in Chapel Hill. I’ve known four out of these six fine ladies since they were freshmen at UNC when they began College Life/Young Life leader training. I was part of a team that had the privilege of leading, training and walking with them through four years of ministry. I cannot believe they have graduated. Thank you ladies so much for giving so much of your lives away to serve others, for letting me take your photos and giving me one last chance to hug your necks until next time. Good luck in all your next adventures.