Back in September I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside the lovely and talented Emily of Emily March Photography. Long story short… that spring I had begun following a lot of photographers I admired and dreamed of working with and venturing into wedding photography myself. Emily was one of those photographers. It was a total pipe dream. Far far off in the distance. One Sunday, my husband and I randomly decided to attend a different campus of our church. We walked into the nursery to drop off our daughter, and who were the nursery volunteers but Emily and her husband! I nearly freaked out. It was like I was meeting a famous person! Later on I reached out to her and offered to tag along and help during any upcoming weddings. She actually took me up on it, and in early September we got to spend the day together at Lauren and Matthew’s lovely Durham wedding connecting like old friends. (Why haven’t we done this more Emily?) It was so fun to see her in action- how her optimism encouraged everyone to roll with the rainy weather. But really, how romantic are those umbrella photos? You can check out the rest of Emily’s photos from that day here.