Ami and Mike. I love these guys, this e-session, the light, their story and how Brad and I are woven into it ever so slightly! I’ve known Ami through a friend for a few years now, and it is through that same friend that Ami pursued me for wedding photography. I met with her and Mike over coffee to hear their story and talk package options, etc. Turns out, Ami met with Brad years prior when he worked for the Summit and she was trying to decide what type of missions to do after graduating from UNC- national or international. Evidently, through  that conversation and a lot of prayer, she felt called to do local missions through an initiative our church was calling ‘Dwell’ in downtown Durham. Where did Ami and Mike meet, but through Dwell! There is something extra sweet about being involved in someone’s wedding when you already have a little history, and we cannot wait to be a part of their beautiful Chapel Hill wedding this September. Oh and btw Brad says ‘you’re welcome’.