As a photographer, there have been key events or photo shoots that have really made an impression on me. Ones that have given me the confidence to make the next big jump in my business.  Then there are events or shoots that are super memorable because the people that are involved. This wedding was both of those and more. Although our dear friends Mills and Stephanie’s wedding was about 5 years ago, I still remember taking pictures and really enjoying myself. I remember really liking my photos too. As I ventured into wedding photography this year, I started looking back on those memorable photos, and the first one below brings me to tears. Mills’ father, Bruce, was the best man in his wedding and passed away suddenly just a few years later. He was an incredible man of God, pointing everyone he was around (including Brad in college) towards the Lord. I mean, just look at his posture towards God during prayer. This man knew Jesus, loved Jesus, loved his family, and loved others WELL. Even though Bruce is not here now, his legacy lives on even in me- someone who really only knows many of the lives he impacted.  Praying for all the Snells today.